4 Ways To Avoid Needing a Tow

Needing a tow service is something that we can never fully avoid. At some point in time, we will need the services of a towing company but we can surely reduce the chances of being stuck at roads. By taking some steps and keeping your vehicle in top shape, you can bring down the chances of requiring services of a towing company.

Follow these steps to basically keep your vehicle well-maintained and while doing so minimizing the chances of needing a tow.

1- Keep Enough Gas in Car

Sounds fairly simple but we tend to forget it. According to a research, many towing companies reported that the most common reason for a break down is running out of gas. To avoid this we recommend our readers to develop a schedule of two days in a week where you fill the tank. Even if your tank is half filled, you should still do the exercise.

Also, keep 3 – 5 gallons of gas in your garage, especially if the filling station is not near you. Make sure that you use this gas within two weeks as old gasoline can change color and properties and negatively impact the engine.

2- Check The Essentials

This particularly holds true for highway driving. Gas filling at highways is usually accompanied by a small break where you fresh up and relax a bit. Rather than checking your facebook in this slot, it is important to check your car’s essentials.

Check the tire pressures. It is really important on highways as the lower pressure in tires could result in punctures and even tire bursts. Most gas stations on highways are equipped with modern facilities and you won’t find any difficulties checking the required pressure.

You should also check the engine oil. It might not be required if you have a brand new car but if it is older than a year, you must keep an eye on engine oil.

Open the hood and inspect the car in general for leaks and other things that might be hanging.

3- Regular Tuneup

For the first year this might not be needed but once it is older than a year you should get your car tuned up after every month or two. Depending on the mileage and age of your car the tuneup may include replacing fluids, timing chains, multi-point inspection, replacing hoses, etc. When it comes to tuneup you should also check owners manual.

4- Learn to Change Tires

Let’s face it! In today’s modern world we have become so much dependant on machines and automated processes that we don’t realize the importance of doing things ourselves. The same goes for the tire change. When you require a tire change you don’t always have the liberty of a tire mechanic, so doing it yourself is the name of the game here.

Changing tires is easy, just a couple of youtube videos and you will be able to change the tires yourself.

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