How To Avoid Tire Blowouts

There is nothing more frustrating than standing out of your vehicle at the side of the road because of a tire blowout. Although tire blowouts are the most common reasons for leaving you stranded on the road, but it can be avoided and minimized if proper care is taken of the tires. Tire blowouts are not only frustrating but at times it can be really dangerous. Just imagine yourself in a situation where you are driving and suddenly your tire blows out, it might lead to an accident. Therefore it is imperative that you should take care of your tires.

By following the below preventive measures you can maintain your tire and avoid blowouts.

Tire Pressure

Monitoring the tire pressure every now and then is really important. Although most of the drivers know it but they do not care about it much and only notice it when the low-pressure light comes on. Some even wait for an issue to occur. Yu must keep in mind that the most common reason of a tire blowout is inaccurate pressure. Therefore you must be really frequent in checking the tire pressure and you can do so by keeping a pressure gauge in your car.


When your tires move at a really fast speed you are likely to damage the tire and that can lead to a tire blowout eventually. As the speeding tires become very hot and therefore the integrity is compromised. As we all are aware that there is debris on the road, which can cause the tires to blowout at higher speeds. Speeding even compromises the tire pressure that can also cause blowouts. Therefore you must be very careful while speeding and especially when your tires are old.


As already stated that most of the drivers are already aware of maintaining a proper tire pressure to avoid blowouts, the majority is also aware of the damage caused by over speeding.  But what most of the drivers do not know is that even overloading can become a cause of tire blowout. You must be aware of the maximum loading capacity of your vehicle that you can find out in your vehicle’s user guide or even consult a professional. As overloading is not a daily thing that is why it is not known to be damaging to the tires but in actual it is.

The Quality

A universal fact that is known to everyone is everything has a lifetime and everything expires. Similar is the case with the tires as well. If you are using old tires you are giving an open invitation to a blowout. The average lifespan of a tire is 25000 to 50000 miles. So if your tires had hit this range it is probably time that you get your tires replaced. Even if you are driving with tires that are not too old but damaged you are more prone to a blowout.

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